5 Cheap and Creative Camping Tips

Camping can be extremely fun-filled, if it is properly planned and executed. It is an activity that does not need expensive high tech gadgets and gears. Still, enjoying the outdoors can be a little expensive at times. There are many ways in which one can cut down the expenses by making little changes in the trip so that you get the opportunity to enjoy more camps in a year still keeping the budget under control. Some cheap camping tips are listed below.

  • If you are a regular camper then you can go for discount camping by joining a
    campground’s chain discount program. There are many such campgrounds that
    provide their regular customers with such offers and also with complementary
  • Save money on cooking gear. For example, you can use canning rings for
    cooking egg instead of carrying a bulky and costly heater etc.
  • Cardboard tubes and toilet rolls that are no more of use can be saved and stuffed with
    waste paper to be used as fire lighters instead of buying kindling, which is quite
  • Reusing gear is one of the important camping tips for example if you go often for summer camping then there is no use of
    buying an expensive tent, sleeping bags etc. opt for rented ones or borrow them
    from friends and family.
  • Be a little creative in using stuff that you think might be of no use. For example,
    laundry lint can be good tinder, dipping match sticks in nail polish or wax
    makes them waterproof, using cookie tin as a Dutch oven, to keep mosquitoes
    away rub orange peel on your body, save old shower curtains to use it as ground
    tarps etc.

These camping tips will surely make your time at camps cheaper. You will be amazed to discover how such small things that seem unimportant can be brought to good use with a little creativity. You can save a lot of money by recycling things and using them to your advantage. And at the end of it, you can tell everyone that you had a unique scamping experience at a quarter of the cost!